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Mahames has now made 1510 yards of passes and reached the array 10 times, ranking first in the league. Considering that he is in the lack of top pass target and starting left volley, this performance is even more amazing. He is expected to be the first player to win the MVP award for two consecutive seasons since Peyton Manning in 2003 and 2004. Here are the other players who won the September Award: The defensive player of the month: New England patriot security guard Devin mccourty McCarty became the first player to make one cut in each of the first four games of the season since 2003. He made a great contribution to the dominant performance of the Patriot defense team. McCarty and his teammates make up the league's best second-line defense. They haven't let their opponents pass to the formation this season. Since last season's UEFA Champions League, the Patriot defense team has only made its opponents reach the ground for the first time in the game against Buffalo Bill. US Secret Service player of the month: Cleveland Brown abandoned kicker Jamie Gillan Gillan, known as "thugla's hammer," has scored 11 of his 20 Spurs this season. He kicked an average of 41.6 yards (40.6 yards net) every time, and the farthest 55 yards. The best attacking player of the month in the League of Nations: Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panther running guard McCaffrey led the Panther attack team on his own. Despite the lack of quarterback cam Newton, he helped the Panthers win 2-2. In the first four games of the season, McAfee advanced 629 yards, ranking first in a row. At the current pace, he will break Chris Johnson's record of 2509 yards in 2009. In the past two games, his excellent ability has been fully demonstrated. He made 246 yards for the shot and 121 yards for the catch, making two touchdowns in total. FIFA's best defensive player of the month: shaquil Barrett, pirate setter of Tampa Bay Barrett was one of the league's most underrated free agents at the beginning, but now he ranks first in the league with an amazing nine captures. Since the capture and kill was included in the official statistics in 1982, the record of capture and kill in the first four games of the season is also 9 times. Barrett's performance is not limited to capture and kill. He also made three forced drops (including those that set up a winning game in the field victory over the Los Angeles Rams), 10 hits to the quarterback, and seven tackles leading to a loss of yards. International secret service player of the week: New Orleans Saint forsaken kicker Thomas morstead Of the 17 abandoned kicks, mosted kicked 11 times into the opponent's 20 yard line, with an average of 48.8 yards (net yards of 44.8 yards) each time. As the saints struggled to adapt to their life without drew Bryce, mosted's kick abandonment over the past two weeks has helped the team limit their opponents' attacks and play a role in winning. September's best offensive rookie: Jacksonville Jaguar quarterback Gardner Minshew Let's go crazy for Mingxiu! The rookie quarterback led the team to 2-1 in the starting line-up after Nick Fowles was injured and absent from the starting line-up. He made seven passes to the starting line and only one was intercepted. September's best defensive rookie: Brian burns, Carolina Panther lineman Burns has become a key member of the Panther's defensive front. At present, the Panther has achieved 18 times of capture and killing, and tied for the first place in the league. Burns made 2.5 tackles, ranked first in the league's rookie defensive players, and his 9 strikes at the quarterback ranked second in the league.
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