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"I am a special coach, not to win, win, too. When the media specialists earn so much money, can't say some plain boiled water, they must stand out in their analysis and cheap football jerseys comments, otherwise, they don't deserve the salary." Steven gerrard after a review of the ball, the champions Chelsea let terry on the bench, he feels there are contradictions between terry and jose mourinho. , mourinho responded: "Steven gerrard was wrong. I really like Steven gerrard, he and I have a good relationship, we sometimes messages to contact, I respect him very much, he is also the same to me. But this time he was wrong, I and John terry is no problem."

Beijing time on Saturday 19 points 45 points, Chelsea will be at home to Arsenal in the premier league [microblogging], jose mourinho hopes to have as a new starting point. "Saturday was a war, hostility between the two teams, if win, can make our situation cheapest football jerseys better."

"We now mentality is not the same, under the different state of mind, we can recovery. cheap youth football jerseys sale In the past few games too bad result, we couldn't be worse."

Chelsea [microblogging] [microblogging] manager jose mourinho has said that he is still one of the best coaches in the game, not win win will not change the facts. In the outlook for the weekend against Arsenal [microblogging] [microblogging] war, mussina hopes to this as the starting point, the momentum of the reactivation of the season.

"There are a lot of people will envy you so much for so many years successful," mussina said, "this is human nature."

As is known to all, the two serie a giants AC milan and inter milan team Shared with a pitch, the recent news AC milan are going to build the new stadium has been the Italian media hyped. After AC milan owner silvio berlusconi has said publicly that the team will continue to remain at the SAN siro, the rossoneri yesterday another heavyweight adriano galliani also talked about this matter when media.

According to understand, AC milan, indeed has the plan to build a new stadium, and has won the bid for a piece of land worth more than 200 million euros for the construction of the new stadium. But last month, AC milan buy cheap football jerseys and have that space enterprises produce economic dispute, lead to AC milan project to build a new stadium. To this, the team owner silvio berlusconi has publicly said the team will stay at the SAN siro, this also caused strong dissatisfaction with inter milan. Due practice football jerseys cheap to this season's uefa champions league final football jerseys cheap china will be held at the SAN siro stadium, in the case of AC milan will be out of the stadium inter milan boss Joe hill was going to the blank football jerseys cheap SAN siro. They even have set out to do the upgrade plan, only waiting for the rossoneri's move. However, silvio berlusconi, disrupted the inter plan, according to the Italian media tuttosport, inter milan were furious.

AC milan chief executive adriano galliani, however, in an interview, when it comes to the matter said the relationship between the two teams football jerseys for sale cheap like "couples", never a divorce. First adriano galliani told the Italian media: "I can't talk about milan at the SAN siro this thing, this is not in the scope of my job. My job is to bring good players, and then they tell me where to take them away." Adriano galliani continued to AC milan and inter milan special relationship between the two clubs, he thinks this situation is unique: "in Europe there is another like our AC milan and inter situation, both teams are very close to the number of fans. We are in the same city, we have the same goals and ambitions and interests."

"If AC milan and inter are two different companies, with no intense emotion, we merged in 50 years ago. Once in this way, we will reduce spending by 50%, and earnings will double, but the truth is not so." Galliani added: "in the football world, this is not possible, AC milan and inter are two different teams.

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