Raven defense interceptor Mike Pierce's season reimbursement

On Thursday, US time, according to the reporter from NFL Network. Raven defensive interceptor Michael Pierce will undergo biceps surgery and will be reimbursed for this season. The crow added Pierce to the injury reserve list shortly after the same day. Pierce was injured in the win over Patriots in the third week, but said he hoped to return in the following season. Unfortunately, his hope of returning this year has been aborted. Pierce, 29, has a strong performance this year. The professional football focus website gave him a defensive score of 86.9, ranking fifth among the defensive players in the league. Pierce was the first to join the crows as a draft, and he made great achievements in the 2017-2019 season. Then he signed the Vikings as a free agent. After missing the 2020 season due to the COVID-19, Pierce played for the Vikings for one year and was dismissed. Pierce chose to return to Baltimore, but now he can only work hard for the 2023 season.